map of Melilla an exclave of Spain on the North African coastline of Morocco

Enclaves, Exclaves and Trans-Continental Exclaves of the world

The world is full of odd little bits of land that are, in political terms, separated geographically from the rest of the country they...
Tsunami hits the statue of liberty

Mega Tsunami could wipe out East Coast of the United States

Long predicted by oceanographers, volcanologists, and domesday theorists. Could a mega Tsunami starting in the Canary Islands really hit the USA?

Triskaidekaphobia and The Lottery

Some of you may know that triskaidekaphobia (pronounced triss - kai - deck - a - foh - bee - uh) is not only the...

Civil Service Unrest and the British Sense of Fair Play

Keen Brit-watchers must be wondering what the hell's happening over here right now.  We've just had our own peaceful version of a one day civil...
a photograph of the author John Steinbeck

Where is John Steinbeck when you need him?

The battle of Salinas, California is about to be repeated in our epoch of unrest, and this time there is no Steinbeck to highlight...
Hope Cash Till

Hope is a powerful thing

Hope is a powerful tool, and you can consume it for a pound a week. Figures announced this week show national lottery sales have...
Photo showing the dark skies over Galloway Forest Park full of stars

The darkest place in the UK

Ok so any room with no windows and the lights turned off will probably count as the darkest place in Britain. So we might...
James Clerk Maxwell

Travel beyond the universe could be possible

Journeying beyond the known universe could now be possible. With the revelations earlier this year that it is possible to travel faster than the...
Electric Brae - stone marker describing Scotland's natural wonder of illuion

The Electric Brae – Scotland’s natural optical wonder

Not all is as it appears in Scotland as objects move uphill on their own accord. In an area known as the Electric Brae, visitors have been baffled for centuries as they watch the seemingly impossible happen.
Date Palm

Arecales – The palm tree order

Arecales (Arecaceae aka Palmae) in an order of the flowering plants containing the Palm Tree family. There are around 2500 species of palms and...