Travel beyond the universe could be possible


Journeying beyond the known universe could now be possible. With the revelations earlier this year that it is possible to travel faster than the speed of light, verification tests ruling out errors in messument of the Gran Sasso National Laboratory experiment allowing.

James Clerk Maxwell
James Clerk Maxwell

For the first time in 146 years the science community could now contemplate a trip to travel beyond the universe. Its 96 years if you take Einstein as the bench mark for capping the max speed of everything in motion at the speed of light and not James Clerk Maxwell, but the latter has more magnetism! It’s a simple affare, all man need do is build a machine to accelerate past light speed, catch up with the leading edge of the ever expanding universe and wave his or her passport at what ever omnipresent inter universal boarder guard we flash past (ops, as we are moving faster than light they won’t see us, coming or going. Doppler effects of light waves withstanding).

So the plan is afoot then. Well I propose the “U prize” for the first person to do it. Notes to perspective “U prize” contestants:

1) You will need to go meny times light speed to get passed the boarder in your own lifetime. Its about 46.6 billion light years away, so you if you are now around 30 years old and want to get back to retire, say at 60 you have to travel at 578,717.313 billion Miles per second – Heres the calculation (46.billion / 186282.397) *15*365.25*24*60*60 where 186282.397 is the number of miles light travels in a vacuum per second.

2) You had better invent a new fuel source. The current sources of propulsion would require require a rocket bigger than all the stella bodies in the solar system put together to generate enough acceleration and deceleration needed for such a journey one way, let alone round trip, as there are no gravitational objects at the destination to give you any sling shot effect.

I wonder what they sell at the inevitable outside the universe gift shop?