The Electric Brae – Scotland’s natural optical wonder


Not all is as it appears in Scotland as objects move uphill on their own accord. In an area known as the Electric Brae, visitors have been baffled for centuries as they watch the seemingly impossible happen.

Electric Brae - stone marker describing Scotland's natural wonder of illuion
Electric Brae stone maker - google images

In what is an entirely natural phenomenon the landscape conspires to trick the eye of the bemused bystander observing movement along an apparent uphill section of road.  If one places a ball on the ground and then steps away the ball will start to run uphill.  In reality nothing unearthly has occurred.  The ball is actually rolling downhill, all be it a very slight angle to the horizontal, and it is the viewer of this apperation that is the actual cause of this oddity of nature.



  1. The “Electric Brae” is commonly associated with an optical illusion, but I have discovered that there are FOUR volcanic plugs in a line with this weird road. Slemish in N. Ireland, Ailsa Craig off the coast, Edinburgh Castle and Calton Hill. What is significant is that the last two plugs are about 400 yards wide, the same width, roughly, as the length of the “Electric brae”. Volcanic plugs emit energies like the spokes of a bicycle wheel, and where they cross, is the place our ancestors placed their ancient burial grounds. Scientists are going to have to take another look at this now! More info on leys on my site

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